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We create tools and frameworks which are innovative, powerful, fast to deploy and easy to use. Doesn't matter if you are a one man team or large corporation we can help you develop cost-effective and repeatable ETL or data integration solution at no time. Our products work equally well with SQL and Non SQL data sources and support all major operating systems.

Data Explorer

Fully integrated Universal Database Development, Data Discovery, Data Integration and Data Migration IDE.

Start developing complex data integration and ETL scenarios, SQL scrips and stored procedures today. When working with databases take advantage of integrated ETL engine which can help you automate many database development tasks. Easily migrate data and schema objects from any source to any destination.


ETL Framework

Compact, modular, high performance and embeddable ETL engine written in Java.

Create data integration and ETL scenario using powerful XML-based language or in Java. Embed ETL framework in your application and take only components that you need. Easily add new functionality using open API, pluggable scripting languages and flexible plugin architecture.


General SQL Parser

Custom SQL engine developed by Gudu Software for the most widely used databases.

Check SQL syntax offline and perform an in-depth analysis of SQL scripts, including a detailed SQL parse tree node structure. Format SQL with more than 100 highly customizable format options.