About Toolsverse

About Toolsverse

Toolsverse is a privately-held software company based in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Our company delivers platform-independent database development, data discovery and extract transform load (ETL) tools.

Toolsverse products include:

Data Explorer – a a complete end-to-end solution for database development, data migration and data discovery. It runs on all major platforms, including Web browsers.

Data Migration Suite – an an intuitive any-to-any data migration tool. It supports a wide range of databases and other data sources and does not require any programming skills.

ETL Framework – an open source extract transform load engine written in Java. It runs on all major platforms and can be easily integrated into other applications.

There is simply no other set of tools on the market with such rich features for the price. Read more about how you can use Toolsverse products.

We also offer a full spectrum of commercial services from product support to custom development.