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06/25/2014 – Toolsverse offers 30% discount on general SQL Parser developed by Gudu Software

As a sign of unprecedented partnership between Toolsverse and Gudu Software Toolsverse offers 30% (you read it right - thirty percent) discount on all Gudu Software products. Read about, download and try all versions of the General SQL Parser from either web site but if you buy it from our e-shop you will get a 30% discount + great support directly from Gudu software.

09/09/2013 – Toolsverse partners with Gudu Software

09/02/2013 – Data Explorer 4.0 and ETL Framework 4.0 release notes

We are pleased to announce that Data Explorer 4.0 and ETL framework 4.0 reached status of the open beta. Version 4.0 is a next major release which includes a ton of new features, improvements and fixes. See list of all planned for 4.0 features here. If you are interested in participating in the open beta please send an email to

05/23/2013 – Toolsverse partners with GMDH Shell

04/04/2013 – Data Explorer 3.3, Data Migration Suite 3.3 and ETL Framework 3.3 have been released.

03/13/2013 – Toolsverse partners with Informatica.

01/29/2013 – Data Explorer 3.2, Data Migration Suite 3.2 and ETL Framework 3.2 have been released.

01/20/2013 – Major milestone for Toolsverse

We are proud to announce that since December 2012 Toolsverse products have been downloaded 1000+ times. Read more about our products and solutions.

01/13/2013 – Toolsverse ETL Framework is now publicly available open source project:

01/05/2013 – Why use out Products?

01/04/2013 – How Toolsverse products solve your problems.

12/19/2012 – How to and tips and tricks:

12/17/2012 – New has been launched.

12/01/2012 – Data Explorer 3.1, Data Migration Suite and ETL Framework 3.1 have been released.

08/11/2012 - Data Explorer 2.0.2 has been released.

07/25/2012 - Please check out our News feeds on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

07/24/2012 - goes live!