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Customer Testimonials

We have used Toolverse Data Explorer to assist in a complex migration of a legacy application to a cloud based environment. Data Explorer has allowed us to quickly develop an efficient and repeatable migration strategy and their support team have been excellent in dealing with our questions."
Finbar Murphy
Datatecnix -
This ETL framework is unique, because it is compact and powerful at the same time. It is not so monstrous as Talend and so on, that's why it can be easy embedded in any system. Last point was especially important for us and i am happy that I could find it. Also I want to emphasis the high quality of support. They spent with us a lot of time and their help can't be overestimated."
Victor Alekseev
System Architect
I'm using Data Explorer ETL edition to integrate data from heterogeneous sources such as banking systems, SAP, etc. Would recommend to anybody who needs a solid, yet easy-to-use SQL tool with integrated ETL capabilities."

Yevgen Khomyak
Deputy Head of Active Ops Automation Division
BNP Paribas Group

I teach a variety of data-driven application development classes at a University and use the SQL edition of Data Explorer all the time. Each class being based on a different DBMS (including MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Access), I constantly need to convert the data from one format to another. Cannot think of any other tool with the similar set of functions. Also I'm a Mac user and having a tool with a native Mac support is a must."
Natalya Goreva,
Assistant Professor, Robert Morris University
I'm an independent consultant. Was searching for a good, universal data migration tool which will not cost me a fortune.  Not anymore. Data Migration suite is exactly what I needed. The time I spend converting data went from days to minutes. Thank you guys."
Brian Mullen
Independent consultant
We have been using Toolsverse ETL framework for years basically for everything, from data conversion to our own ETL projects. We are very small software shop so "free" and "open source" are not just buzzwords but a reason to choose one set of tools over another. It still amazes me that such as powerful framework which is as good (if not better) as anything else out there is free. Kudos to the team."