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Data Explorer

Data Explorer is a complete end-to-end solution for database development, data migration, ETL and data discovery. It runs on all major platforms, including Web browsers.

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ETL Framework

ETL Framework is an open source extract transform load engine written in Java. It runs on all major platforms and can be easily integrated into other applications.

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General SQL Parser

General SQL parser developed by Gudu Software simplifies decoding SQL grammar. It offers a custom SQL engine for many widely-used databases.

Key Features:

  • Universal database development
  • One-Click Data Migration
  • Data visualization and Data discovery
  • ETL Integrated Development Environment
  • Export to various file formats
  • Statistical functions
  • Interactive data set transformations such as pivot, de-duplication, etc
  • View and edit data in the various file formats, including Excel, locally and on the remote FTP and SFTP sites

Key Features:

  • Embeddable, open source and free
  • Fast and scalable
  • Uses target database features to do transformations and loads
  • Manual and automatic data mapping
  • Data streaming
  • Bulk data loads
  • Data quality features using SQL, JavaScript and regex
  • Data transformations
  • Easy to program

Key Features:

  • Checks SQL syntax offline
  • Formats SQL with more than 100 format options
  • Performs an in-depth analysis of SQL scripts
  • Provides full access to the SQL query parse tree
  • Prevents SQL injection attacks
  • Translate SQL between different databases
  • C#,Java,VB.NET,C/C++

Download and Purchase

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ETL Framework Download it now Free  
Data Explorer Free Download it now Free  
Data Explorer ETL Download it now $99.00 / user Buy it now
Data Explorer for Enterprises Download it now $1,999.00
It includes 1 year of premium support and can be installed on unlimited # of computers.
Buy it now
Data Migration Suite Download it now $49.00 / user Buy it now
General SQL Parser Download it now from $105.95 Buy it now

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