Easy Start

Read a manual before starting? No, thanks.

"We were running our first, pretty complex data integration scenario in no time. Their outstanding support helped us deliver solution to our client on time and on budget."

It doesn't matter whether you're a seasoned developer or a skilled business user. Our products are easy to pick up and use. When time matters (and when it doesn’t?) our products just work.

No Coding
Unless You Want To

Visual Design and Development

Develop complex data integration and ETL scenarios in easy to use visual designer. Use simple drag&drop interface to connect sources to destinations, program transformations and data mapping, query databases and visualize data in various formats.

"You don't need to be a programmer to work with their products but you can do some really powerful things using build-in scripting capabilities of Data Explorer."

What We Provide

More than just software

Standard Support

We provide free-for-life, best in class email support.

Premium Support

We will help you develop data integration and ETL solutions based on our products. We will provide examples and best practices. We will literally write code for you!

Products Customization

We will customize our products using your company colors and branding. We will add and modify features based on your needs.

Beta Program

You will get early access to the cool new features. You will be able to test cutting edge software at no charge!

We create tools and frameworks which are innovative, powerful, fast to deploy and easy to use.