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Data Explorer is a complete end-to-end solution for database development, data migration, ETL and data discovery. It runs on all major platforms, including Web browsers.

We offer free, ETL and Enterprise editions of the Data Explorer. Free edition provides basis level SQL development features. ETL edition includes a set of unique features which you cannot find in any other product on the market. Enterprise edition is functionally identical to the ETL edition but includes a full year of the premium support and allows unlimited number of installations.




= All major operating systems
Data Explorer Web mode
Web and
Data Explorer is the only product on the market that offers universal database development, data migration and ETL through an uncompromised Web client. In the Web and client server modes resources such as connections, ETL scenarios, code snippets, etc. are shared between multiple users. The access to the resources is controlled using role-based security.
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Toolsverse SQL Developer
SQL Tools and Database Browser
Data Explorer is a best in class Integrated Development Environment for SQL databases.
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Oracle objects
Extended database support
Develop for MySQL,PostgreSQL,MS SQL, Oracle,DB2,Sybase ACE,Informix. Browse database specific objects, execute SQL in external tools, display explain plan and much more.
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Migrate data
Data Explorer automates, reduces the risk and streamlines migration from heterogeneous sources such as relational databases, Excel spreadsheets, text and XML files and more. Migrate data using easy to use point-and-click interface. No programming skills require. 
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Chart View
Visualize and Explore data
Data Explorer can help you see and understand your data. Visualize data in multiple formats and forms, apply statistical functions, perform interactive transformations on live data and more.
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Toolsverse ETL Editor
Develop ETL scenarios
Data Explorer significantly lowers the overall cost of the data integration and ETL projects. Develop and execute complex ETL scenarios in the familiar and easy to use interface.
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View and edit files
Manage content
Explore data regardless of format and physical location. Browse, view and edit local and remote content. Local resources, Web, FTP and SFTP are supported.
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