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Data Migration Suite

Data Migration Suite is an intuitive any-to-any data migration tool. It supports a wide range of databases and other data sources and does not require any programming skills.

Data Migration Suite is a standalone application which is also included in the Data Explorer ETL edition.

Why use Data Migration Suite?

Let’s consider a typical data migration task: you have a legacy Access database (or even Excel spreadsheet) and want to move all data to the brand new MySQL database. You also want to re-create all tables and indexes which exist in the source. Last, but not least, you don’t want to write a single line of the code and you want to perform this task over and over again. Data Migration Suite will easily do this. You just need to create an export list, define a destination, specify a couple of parameters such as "parallel extract" and "streaming" and run the process. It will be:

  • Fully automatic, no coding involved
  • Highly efficient because industry leading Toolsverse ETL framework is used behind the scene
  • Repeatable at any time

Key benefits of the Data Migration Suite:

  • Reduces the risk and streamlines migration from heterogeneous sources such as relational databases, Excel spreadsheets, text and XML files and more
  • No programming skills needed to migrate data
  • Extremely fast
  • Supports data streaming which allows migrating of very large data sets even in a memory constrained environment
  • Automatically creates tables and indexes using source data sets as a pattern