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ETL Framework

ETL Framework is an open source extract transform load engine written in Java. It runs on all major platforms and can be easily integrated into other applications. Read more about how ETL framework works. ETL Framework is free to use, embed and distribute with your application.

ETL Framework is a standalone application which is also included in the Data Explorer ETL edition.

Key benefits of the ETL Framework:

  • Performance. High speeds are achieved by utilizing power of the specific target database (e.g. temporary tables, bulk load, cursors); multithreading is supported at all levels: from extract and load to executing multiple ETL scenarios.
  • Data streaming. When streaming is enabled, it is possible to move practically unlimited sets of data from the source to destination even in the memory constrained environment.
  • Easy to program. High-level XML-based programming language is included in the ETL framework;  it is possible to embed code in the native SQL dialects (such as PL/SQL) and JavaScript.
  • Feature-rich. All expected features are included—from column level mapping to support for a wide range of data formats. Data quality features and validation using JavaScript, SQL and regex as well as transformations such as de-duplication, de-normalization, pivot, set operations, filtering, ordering, and validation are built in. Most popular databases are natively supported.
  • Embeddable and expandable. All core components—drivers, connectors, transformations, functions, code generators etc.—are dynamically loaded plug-in modules. It is easy to add new or modify existing functionality. ETL Framework can also be easily integrated into your application by embedding the ETL engine or running it in the client-server mode.