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Why Our Products

Why choose our products?

  • Price. Every Toolsverse product comes with a free version. Use it as long as you want. If you decide you need additional functionality, upgrade to a commercial edition at a very competitive price.
  • Performance. From database development to ETL and data migration, Toolsverse products are fast, reliable, and get the job done.
  • Integration. Data Explorer ETL edition is the only universal database development tool on the market with integrated data migration and ETL capabilities. Don't waste time switching between different tools and interfaces to work with heterogeneous data sources.
  • Cross-platform. All Toolsverse products are cross-platform. Windows, Mac, Unix and Linux are equally supported. 
  • Web front-end. Data Explorer is the only product on the market that offers universal database development and data migration through an uncompromised Web client.
  • Extensibility. All Toolsverse products are built on a flexible framework. The full programming API as well as source code for open-source components are available online at no cost.