Toolsverse-Data management tools

Toolsverse is dedicated to provide the best support to our customers.

When you contact us you will deal with the people that developed the software and know it intimately.


Standard Support

Standard support by email is included in our products at no charge.

What to expect

  • There is no additional cost associated with a standard support and we will provide it for the life of the product
  • We will help you install and configure product
  • We will promptly answer your questions
  • We will provide and constantly update examples, videos, knowledge base and other support resources
  • You will be able to report bugs, request features and get status updates

Free upgrade to the next version within one year

You get the rights to all major and minor versions for one year, including free upgrades to the next major release within 12 months.

After one year you will need either of the following in order to receive free upgrades:

  • Renew a license
  • Subscribe to the Data Explorer Enterprise Edition
  • Subscribe to the premium support

Premium Support

Premium support is subscription based. You can request a quote by sending email to the

What to expect

  • We will help you create ETL and Data Integration scenarios.
  • You can get temporary fixes until a reported bug is patched in production
  • We can add minor features by request at no additional charge

How it works

Our support team will guide you through entire process of developing ETL scenarios. We will provide examples, best practices and correct mistakes. We will work with you until problem is solved.   

Free upgrade to the next version

As long as you pay for premium support you will receive all upgrades including upgrades to the next major version at no additional change during the life time of the product.

Custom Software Development

To request custom development just send an email to

What we can do

  • Develop new features for our products according to the customer’s specification
  • Develop data integration and ETL solutions for our customers
  • Integrate our products into existing system
  • Develop, setup and maintain custom data integration and ETL solution using cloud provider of your choice
  • Develop custom software within our area of expertise


Cloud solution

You can completely outsource your data integration and ETL project to us in 3 easy steps:

  • Choose a cloud provider
  • Contact us  and provide specification and access to resources
  • Enjoy the ride

We will develop custom ETL solution for you, configure and setup it in the cloud and monitor execution.

Software Subscription

We offers subscription model for Data Explorer Enterprise Edition


  • Small monthly payment compare to the list price, especially when product must be deployed to multiply computers
  • No commitment. You can stop using software at any time
  • Free upgrades for the duration of subscription

Beta Program

Before we release next major version of the product we run a closed beta. Anybody with a valid evaluation or commercial license can participate in beta. For our beta customers we provide support at the premium level at no additional cost. In return beta participants require to submit bug reports and encouraged to comment on features and usability of the products. If you are interested in participation in the beta program please send email to