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  • Oracle
  • DB2
  • MySql
  • PostgreSql
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Sybase SQL Server
  • Informix
  • Snowflake
  • Any JDBC

Data Exchange formats:

  • Delimited text file
  • Fixed length text file
  • XML
  • XML with XLT transformation
  • XML with XQuery
  • JSON
  • Excel XLS
  • Excel XLSX
  • HTML
  • PDF
  • HL7 2.x
  • HL7 FHIR


  • HTTP
  • Support for HTTP proxy
  • JDBC and ODBC
  • File
  • FTP
  • SFTP
  • SMTP
  • POP3
  • Amazon S3
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Redis
  • HL7 MLLP

Web services and APIs:

  • REST with basic and token-based authentication
  • SOAP
  • Google Analytics

Data Integration and ETL:

  • Visual ETL designer with drag and drop support: connect sources to destinations, program transformations and data mapping
  • Wizards for ETL constructs and code patterns
  • ETL-language-aware code editor
  • Two-way link between designer and editor: every action completed in designer automatically and in real time produces code in editor and vice versa
  • Background code parsing and syntax errors reporting
  • Color highlighting
  • Code completion
  • Code snippets and built-in examples
  • Code formatting
  • Automatic form creation to capture connections and parameters for the scenario
  • Ability to execute ETL scenario in the background
  • Ability to schedule ETL (requires server)
  • Ability to execute ETL on the server (requires server)
  • Ability to define roles and rights for the developers (requires server)
  • Audit of the executed ETL (requires server)

Features of the ETL engine:

  • XML-based scenario language
  • Support for change replication (databases and APIs)
  • Stream unlimited datasets from the source to the destination
  • Support for batch processing and bind variables
  • Automatic and manual column mapping
  • Real time data transformations
  • Column transformations: calculate value, add column, exclude column, change data type, regex replacement
  • Automatic partitioning by key columns and maximum number of rows in the dataset
  • Dataset transformations:
    • Add dimension, Extract dimension
    • Join, Intersect, Minus, Union, Union all
    • Filter, Sort
    • Denormalize, Pivot, Remove Duplicates, Key-Value Denormalization, Key-Value Normalization
    • Populate dataset from any fragment of text using given connector, such as JSON, XML, etc
    • Transpose, Matrix
    • XLT transformation
  • Support for hierarchical and multidimensional objects
  • Automatic creation of the schema objects such as tables, indexes and files
  • Support for columns with spaces in the name
  • Extract and load datasets in parallel threads with forks and joins
  • Parallel execution of multiple scenarios
  • Inner scenarios with conditional and in-loop execution
  • Manual and automatic transaction management (commit intervals)
  • Per column functions in SQL, JavaScript and other scripting languages
  • Support for automatic primary/foreign key generation with mapping to existing primary/foreign key
  • Data quality features and validation using SQL, JavaScript, other scripting languages and regex
  • Conditional sources and destinations
  • Conditional (IF-THEN-ELSE) execution
  • Automatic and manual exception handling
  • Automatic and conditional Insert/Update/Delete/Merge
  • In-line SQL in scenarios
  • Support for database specific transformations, extraction and load technics
  • Ability to execute XQuery on XML based datasources
  • Pre/post/inline extract and load tasks
  • OS command execution
  • File-based tasks
  • Notification by email on success and failure

One Click Data Migration:

  • Any-to-any data migration
  • No coding involved
  • Automatic creation of the schema objects such as tables, indexes and files
  • Drag and drop any data source including file-based
  • Support for multiple heterogeneous data sources in one data migration scenario
  • Easy performance tuning

Universal Database Development:

  • Schema browser
  • Database objects search
  • View and Edit database tables, views and synonyms
  • Visual SQL designer with drag and drop support
  • SQL-dialect-aware code editor
  • Offline background SQL parsing and syntax errors reporting
  • Color highlighting
  • Database aware code completion
  • Code snippets
  • SQL code formatting
  • Multiple tabs for multiple connections
  • Manual and automatic transaction management
  • Execute multiple SQL statements with output to individual tabs
  • Execute selected SQL statements
  • Execute SQL statements with parameters which can be stored between sessions
  • Execute SQL in background with ability to abort it
  • Execute stored procedures and functions from the editor and schema browser
  • Support for output parameters including cursors, pipeline functions and resultsets returned by functions
  • In place “describe” for tables, views and synonyms
  • Auto-generate code such as create, drop, select, update, merge, insert, etc for databases objects from the schema browser and code editor
  • Extended database support:
    • Execute SQL in the external tool
    • Display explain plan
    • Display auto trace and performance tuning information
    • Display dbms output
  • Ability to schedule SQL (enterprise edition)
  • Ability to execute SQL in the server (enterprise edition)
  • Ability to define roles and rights for the developers (enterprise edition)
  • Audit of the executed SQL statements (enterprise edition)

Data Visualization:

  • Display dataset as a grid, form and chart
  • Display and edit binary and large text data
  • Edit database tables, views and synonyms
  • View multidimensional and hierarchical datasets
  • View data stored in database arrays and user defined data types
  • Display and search metadata such as system catalog, table structure, DDL, etc. for all supported data formats and databases
  • Search database objects
  • Search in dataset
  • Describe dataset
  • View SQL and Non-SQL datasets using pre-configured connections
  • View Non-SQL datasets as well as files and directories in the local file system, FTP, SFTP and HTTP servers
  • Perform file operations such as copy, move, rename and delete
  • Export dataset to any supported format
  • Apply statistical functions to the dataset or selected part of the dataset
  • Perform ad-hoc queries on datasets of any type
  • Interactively transform dataset using following transformations:
    • Add dimension, Extract dimension
    • Join, Intersect, Minus, Union, Union all
    • Filter, Sort
    • Denormalize, Pivot, Remove Duplicates, Key-Value Denormalization, Key-Value Normalization
    • Transpose, Matrix

Built-in Scheduler (requires server):

  • Ability to schedule SQL and ETL tasks
  • Ability to use cron-based time patterns
  • Ability to edit scheduled tasks
  • Ability to suspend and resume tasks
  • Ability to execute task immediately
  • Ability to notify by email when task is finished
  • Ability to view statuses and exceptions
  • Ability to view next predicted execution time
  • Ability to temporary disable scheduler 

Role-based security and audit (requires server):

  • Ability to add and edit users and roles
  • Ability to assign roles to users
  • Ability to define permissions for the objects in the Object Browser, commands and activities
  • Ability to assign permissions to the roles
  • Automatic audit of the system and scheduled events
  • Ability to enable and disable audit for some events such as SQL and ETL
  • Ability to view audit log
  • Who, when, what, status and exceptions are captured in the audit log

Web-based User Interface (requires server)

Ability to work in the client-server mode (requires server)

Works in the cloud (requires server)

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